Split LP with Arc Of Ascent from Newzealand!
Lim. to 300 copies on black wax and 200 copies on purple marbled vinyl.
Listen on Bandcamp!

Line-up: Track:  
Komet Lulu: Bass, fx Hyperspace Overdrive


Sula/Dave: Guitars, fx, Keyboards    
Pablo Carneval: Drums    

New livealbum "Live Spring"!
Almost like this Bandcamp album, but only 3 of the 4 tracks.
Out on vinyl by Pancromatic Records, Norway.
Lim. to 500 copies on black wax.

Line-up: Tracks:  
Komet Lulu: Bass, fx Touch Down Heidi 24:42
Sula/Dave: Drums, Keyboards Song for Richie 12:59
Rainer Neeff: Guitar, fx Raining Sugar Kane Ritual 11:37

Debut album, 20 years anniversary edition. The very first version, the instrumental one!
Out on Sulatron Records on CD and vinyl LP (lim. to 500 copies, green vinyl).

Line-up: Tracks:  
Sula/Dave: Bass, Keyboards, Percussion Side A 27:03
Claus Bühler: Drums Side B 24:37
Hans-Peter Ringholz: Guitar, fx    

New livealbum "Live Spring 2017"!
On Bandcamp only!

Line-up: Tracks:  
Komet Lulu: Bass, fx Touch Down Heidi 26:19
Sula/Dave: Drums, Keyboards Song for Richie 14:55
Rainer Neeff: Guitar, fx Mäusedisco 12:14
  Raining Sugar Kane Ritual 11:56

New livealbum "Untertassen"!
On Bandcamp only!
Rollatorcat is also on the LP "UFOs over Ellmendingen"

Line-up: Tracks:  
Komet Lulu: Bass, fx Apollo 18:48
Sula/Dave: Drums, Echo Kopfkuchen 20:50
Rainer Neeff: Guitar, fx Rollatorcat 15:13

New livealbum "Forever Hugo"!
On Bandcamp.
LP out on Deep Distance Records UK, lim. to 500 on coloured vinyl (sold out).

Line-up: Tracks:  
Komet Lulu: Bass, fx Surfin' Shiva 21:31
Sula/Dave: Drums, Keyboards A Million Little Shivas 22:54
Rainer Neeff: Guitar, fx    

New studioalbum "Love Monster"!
CD out on Sulatron-Records, LP out on Deep Distance Records UK, lim. to 500 on splatter vinyl (sold out)!
Re-issue out now, lim. to 300 on clear vinyl (sold out!)!
On Bandcamp.

Line-up: Tracks:  
Komet Lulu: Fuzzbass Love Monster 14:53
Sula/Dave: Drums The Insight 8:21
Martin: Synthy Acidic 7:29
Rainer Neeff: Guitar Cosmogyral 15:17

Kerntonschall Records release of a festival-LP of Alien Rocket Flight 2 festival 2011 "UFOs over Ellmendingen". Incl. one long track each by Zone Six and Ax Genrich Band and 2 shorter tracks by The Pancakes! Limited to 500!

Line-up: Tracks:  
Komet Lulu: Fuzzbass Rollatorcat 15:13
Sula/Dave: Drums    
Rainer Neeff: Guitar    

Split CD/LP with Vespero from Astrakhan, Russia. LP limited to 300 copies! Side a by Vespero, side b by Zone Six. Cover design by Komet Lulu (Lulu Artwork). Sold out.

Line-up: Tracks:  
Komet Lulu: Fuzzbass Nüllus (Vespero) 7:40
Alex: Drums Clouds (Vespero) 7:44
Martin: Synthy Lifeless Pillars (Vespero) 9:13
Paul_Pott: Bass Babapapatantramanta (Zone Six) 24:12
Sula/Dave: Guitar    

Limited CD-R. Live at Sulatron Records Labelnight, Fulda 2011. 2 editions, Limited to 100 each. (sold out)

Line-up: Tracks:  
Sula/Dave: Drums Stoned Washed 21:29
Martin: Synthy Timmee 33:44
Komet Lulu: Fuzzbass Isotoxick 13:57
Paul_Pott: Bass    
Rainer Neeff: Guitar    

Limited CD-R in some kind of digipac. Live at Yellowstock Festival 2011. Limited to 100. Sold out!

Line-up: Tracks:  
Sula/Dave: Guitar 1 30:11
Alex: Drums 2 17:21
Martin: Synthy 3 16:56
Komet Lulu: Fuzzbass    
Paul_Pott: Bass    

10 Years of Aural Psychedelic Journeys - rare & unreleased (sulatron st 0704). CD contains 8 tracks of the first decade in the life of Zone Six. (sold out)

Line-up: Tracks:  
Julius-K: Guitar Something´s Missing 10:30
Walt, Claus, Kay: Drums Beautiful 12:33
Martin: Synthy Come Inside 11:21
Dave: Spacebass Knuf On Tog 10:19
Rusty: Keyboards, toys Hiddenworld 06:19
Jodi: Vocals Grateful Life 08:22
Hans-Peter: Guitar Rockhead to Eden 04:40
Ben: lap-steel guitar Infernale Grande 15:23

Live at Burg Herzberg open-air 2006 (sulatron st cdr 004). CD-R in limited and handnumbered edition of 100 copies. Multitrackrecording mixed by dave. Sound comparable to Live Wired 2004! Wild stuff! (sold out!)

Line-up: Tracks:  
Julius-K: Guitar Rain 18:59
Walt: Drums, Djembe Flashflush 06:55
Martin: Synthy Kopfeck 17:42
Dave: Spacebass Traumatanz 14:58
  Infernale Grande 18:24

reviews of the album

Die CD/2-LP "Live Wired 2004" ist auf dem Label Nasoni-Records erschienen (Nasoni 043, Doppel-LP limitiert auf 500 Exemplare in farbigem Vinyl, CD im Digipac). AUSVERKAUFT.
Live aufgenommen, aber im Studio abgemischt. Von sehr spacig/ruhig bis ekstatisch wild!

The latest album "Live Wired 2004", out on Nasoni-Records (Nasoni 043, double-vinyl limited to 500 copies, CD in a nice digipac). Live recorded but mixed in a studio. Ranges from soft ambient-like to wild extatic freak-outs. SOLD OUT.

Line-up: Tracks:  
Martin: Synthy Hopscotch 13:10
Julius-k: Guitar Spheroidise 05:39
Dave: Spacebass Collaptus 11:30
Walt: Drums, Djembe Sod Waterways 14:49
  Beach Comber 22:54
Tracks 1-5 recorded at Sudhaus Tübingen, October 8th, 2004 Bonustrack on CD: Susurrus 10:00
Susurrus recorded at Schlachthof Lahr, October 16th, 2004 Bonustrack on LP: Susurrus 19:02

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Die CD "psychedelic scripture" ist auf dem Label Sunhair erschienen (sh003, limitiert auf 500 Exemplare im Digipac).
Wie immer völlig spacige und durchgeknallte instrumentale "Film-Musik". Ausverkauft!

The latest studioalbum "psychedelic scripture", out on Sunhair (sh003, limited to 500 copies, housed in a nice digipac, released in 2004). Very soft and spaced out! Sold out!

Line-up: Tracks:  
Martin: Synthy Extremadura 14:08
Rusty: Keyboards The Pipe Dream 21:36
Dave: Spacebass The Sacred Toad 14:28
Claus: Drums (in 1 and 2)    
Hans-Peter: Guitar (in 1)    

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Die CD "any noise is intended" ist auf dem neuen Label Sunhair erschienen (sh001).
Wie immer völlig spacige und durchgeknallte instrumentale "Film-Musik". Ausverkauft!

"any noise is intended" (shoo1, nice digipac, released in 2003), trance-rock, soft soundscapes and weired noises. sold out!

Line-up: Tracks:  
Martin: Synthy Score Track 20:01
Rusty: Keyboards Any Noise is Intended 14:32
Dave: Spacebass Psss...... 09:45
Claus: Drums Bauchfellhavarie 04:54
Hans-Peter: Guitar The Gotthun 06:42

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Debut-CD von 1998. Erschienen auf Early Birds-Records (eb 001). Das Coverbild wurde von Franz Landl gemalt. (Ausverkauft!)

The debut CD from 1998, released on Early Birds-Records (eb 001). Thanks to Franz Landl for the beautiful cover painting! (sold out!)

Line-up: Tracks:  
Claus: Drums, Keyboards Barbwired Box 07:36
Dave: Spacebass, Synthy, Mellotron So Far 01:38
Hans-Peter: Guitar Empty Faces 05:55
Jodi Barry: Vocals Vacuum 01:43
  Three Elements 09:19
Mindtrap #1 00:47
Dream Eyeland 07:26
Her Smell Hasn`t Left Me 11:17
Bubble Trouble 02:15
Mindtrap #2 01:54
Mindtrap #3 01:32
The Place 06:24
Oh Mary 01:19